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    Returns and exchanges

    You have the right to return the products you bought from our store and be fully refunded, without letting us know the reason for your decision within fourteen (14) days from the day that you received your order. In this case, your only obligation is to pay for the shipping cost for the return.

    Please be aware that your return will be fully refunded if:

    1. You contact us by email at
    2. The product is not damaged, or worn
    3. The product is not personalized or custom order, such as personalized bracelets or wedding bands
    4. You send back everything that was inside the package, such as the jewel, the box, the receipt, the warranty, since all are parts of the product
    5. If the product was sent with a present from us, you have to give back the present as well.

    Please take extra care of the package in order to keep the product safe and undamaged through transfer. We inform you that is not responsible in any case for the loss or the damage of the product during the return.

    The procedure of full refund will be completed within fourteen (14) days of when your package was delivered.

    We inform you that is not responsible for any damage that may occur by the use of the jewels and in any case is not obligated to issue an exchange.