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      ABOUT US

      Special Gifts for All

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      Our Mision 

      “It is her birthday - First time Mom - My lovely Grandma - My dad, my hero - Happy anniversary babe”

      We make personalized jewelry for the most important moments of your life! What more beautiful gift than a necklace with a name for our loved ones, or a birthday jewelry with birth stones and birth flowers. Even for ourselves the gifts that will remind us of personal stories such as the first meeting with our loved one or the place we met. So let us become a small part of the story you want to remember, doing what we know how to do best. 

      Why do we do it? 

      The gift case is a very important case for everyone but very difficult for some. We have experienced not knowing what to do. So in 2015 the idea was born to make personalized jewelry. "Important gifts for everyone!" 

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      Founder image


      In 2015 we made our first online spot at ETSY with great success and sales in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Later we expanded the points of sale to AMAZON America and Europe. In total we have sent over 100K orders and many of them are to regular customers! 

      The name

      At ULALA jewels we believe in people! We would not have achieved any of what we do today if we did not have our partners. Giannis and Nikos may be behind the name but Vassilis and Stamatina (couple), Antonia (customer service - everything), Dimitra (photographer), Natasa (makes with a smile), Olympia (our little one - social media), Dimitris, George and Elli (production), are behind the jewelry that will make you happy. 

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      We use only hight quality silver. Silver jewelry are gold plated or rhodium plated in order to resistant to tarnish. 100% Nickel free.


      We have over 100K happy customers all over the world and counting


      Free worldwide delivery with FedEx or DHL over 69€ in EU and over 79USD to the rest of the world

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