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      Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

      Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

      Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

      Valentine's Day is coming and all lovebirds are preparing for this day. The goal is to make this day magical expressing their love to their partners. Yes, of course, they celebrate love every day, but why not celebrate a bit more on February 14th? A romantic dinner at a restaurant, a glass of red wine under the candle light at home, definitely flowers, and what else? If you really want to make the difference this year, you can gift a jewel just for her.

      At ULALA Jewels the options are so many. If you are a classic romantic type of man, you can choose a heart jewel, a necklace of a bracelet. It is a safe option, because every woman love hearts.


      If you don't like the usual gifts, you can choose a necklace with the name of your sweetheart. Another option is the bar necklace on which you can engrave a love message, your names, the date you had met or whatever you have in mind.



      The skinny bar necklace with the coordinates is a very nice and modern option. You can engrave the coordinates of a location that is special for the two of you.

      But, who says that the jewelry gifting is a man's business? So, for all the women who want to make a unique gift to the man of their dream, we have an excellent option. The silver cuff bracelet on which you can engrave whatever you wish and show your love. If you want  your love gift to be more discrete, you can engrave the inner side of the bracelet.

      One thing is for sure. That you don't have to spend a fortune to make your partner happy. We create affordable jewelry using high quality materials. And we are at your disposal to help you select the perfect gift for the love of your life.

      How to choose the perfect gift for everyone????

      How to choose the perfect gift for everyone????

      How to choose the perfect gift for everyone????

      This is the time of the season when all of us puzzle over what to buy for our family. Well, this year, it will be easier to you since we would like to offer you some help. Let's make together the gift choosing a piece of cake.

      Now, what will be the perfect gift for your daughter?

      The best choice is a mother daughter necklace with the initial of her name engraved on the tiny heart pendant. Show how much you love her with this gesture.

      What to buy for your mother?

      Here is a variety of personalized gifts (or not) that you can select. For example, you can choose the name bracelet and write the names of her grandchildren on it.

      Or, a so elegant pearl ring that she can wear on special occasions. In both cases she will feel pretty and loved by her family.


      Now, the most difficult of all, the gift for your beloved man.

      On top of our list stands out our personalized cuff bracelet. You can engraved with the coordinates of the place that has a special meaning to you and you can also write a love message on the inner side of the bracelet. This gift will be so much appreciated and show all the love and care that you feel for him.

      Finally, as completing the gift list, don't forget to buy something for yourself! A name necklace, a custom bar necklace or a set of personalized rings are only some of our choices.

      Just select the best for you. We are sure you deserve it!


      Best wishes to you and your family!

      Have a nice holiday,

      the ULALA Team







      Necklaces on necklaces on necklaces....

      Necklaces on necklaces on necklaces....

      Necklaces on necklaces on necklaces...

      I’m sure by now you have heard about our collection of silver necklaces. If there is one thing we can’t get enough of, this is it! You have so many to pick from, there is bound to be one that is just your style. Choose one, choose all! From the tiny heart pendant, to the delicate monograms and geometric bars. Personalized or not, mixed and matched to express yourself. We can’t wait to see what is your style!

      Take a look at some of our layers:

      SO may ways to match these necklaces. The options are endless. Have fun, be creative and more importantly always be you.

      Find all of these on the website and more:

      Κράτα το

      Welcome to our new online store ULALA Jewels

      Welcome to our new online store ULALA Jewels

      Welcome to our new online store!

      We are Giannis and Nikos, two brothers from Thessaloniki, Greece. We are second generation goldsmiths and we love creating exclusive handmade jewelry in our workshop. We don't stop tasting new things, new designs, new materials. Our passion is our our motivation. Here, in ULALAjewels we represent to you our work. The metal we use for our jewelry is high quality sterling silver, that is rhodium plated, gold filled or rose gold filled.

      You can explore our store's pages and discover minimal, geometric and so elegant necklaces, bracelets and rings. They are comfortable and easy wearing pieces that fit perfectly to your personal style.

      Find our collection of personalized jewelry and let's make together a unique jewel. The only thing you have to do is to tell us the names, words, quotes, coordinates etc and we will create your meaningful gift. Feel free to contact if you have something special in mind. 

      We promise that we will continue looking for new designs to express yourself. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do! 

      The ULALA Team